Automated Parking


ISO 9001


Automation for Vehicle Storage and Retrieval Systems


• Improve real estate utilization

• Increase customer convenience 

• Reduce greenhouse emissions 

The future is now. Developers and end users benefit from choosing an automated or mechanical parking system over a conventional parking structure. Developers realize great cost savings and the ability to reuse the structure for other purposes if parking demand decreases. End users no longer have to search for an available parking space. They simply leave their vehicle in a safe, well-lit and monitored parking bay. 
Henshaw's expertise in providing custom fabrications and UL® certified industrial control panel fabrication and wiring, combined with DSS-MP/Siemens experience in the design of manufacturing robots that handle parking and retrieval of vehicles, results in an automated parking system utilizing European engineering and American proficiency.
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Technology Behind the Automated Parking Garage

The automated parking garage's system architecture is based on intelligent subsystems, each having its own PLC and functions. Should a part fail, the unaffected components operate independently to assume control and operation of the system without any data loss, giving a high level of redundancy. Commands and communication are uninterrupted. In addition, all automation and electrical components are sourced from proven Siemens industrial products. To further avoid complication, no hydraulic or pneumatic parts are used.

Built and Tested In-House

Our in-house build capabilities include fabrication, machining, painting, piping, wiring, programming, and more. All Henshaw equipment is proven and demonstrated for the customer before delivery, allowing plant personnel to become familiar with their operation. Installed and maintained to your requirements, Henshaw provides options for the installation of its equipment. Our expert team can implement the complete on-site installation or we can be on-hand to supervise and support installation by your own team. 

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Leveraging DSS/Siemens Engineering

The companies of the DSS Group are involved in design, development and supply of high precision equipment for the nuclear energy industry, parking industry, security technologies for ports and airports, and smart city solutions for government bodies and government owned facilities.

Engineered to Your Specifications

When a storage and retrieval system is needed, we have the experience and manpower to design and build it from concept to installation. Our CAD and engineering team designs and develops solutions with all the key considerations: weight of the load, cycle time, quantity of product to be stored, space available, and presentation of the product. We provide a variety of products and solutions that range from simple gravity driven parts conveyors, automated rack indexers, automated parking garages, and everything in between.

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