Areas of Expertise
  • Custom Automation

  • Material Handling

  • Fabrications 

  • Indexers

  • Industrial Conveyors

  • Ergonomic Lift Assist Systems

  • Hardware Design

  • HMI Programming

  • Machine Controls

  • Vision Systems

  • Controls Design

  • PLC Programming

  • Panel Build


Henshaw is the expert in solutions for advanced manufacturing and material handling. We provide global, technology-driven manufacturers a single source for:


 • Custom Automation

 • Electrical Control Panel Build 

 • Ergonomic Lift Assist Systems

 • Machine Controls

 • Material Handling Equipment

 • Vision System Integration

 • Indexing Conveyor Systems

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About Us


More Than 35 Years of Experience

Henshaw brings more than 35 years of experience to the design and build of turnkey systems that can help you streamline the production process, simplify operator training, reduce costs, safeguard workers, and reduce product liability. Henshaw's legacy of success lies in its inception; three established companies that came together to offer the best collection of talent and widest scope of expertise in the marketplace today. Our long-standing reputation has enabled us to establish vendor codes at the top automotive OEMs and tier suppliers.




Faster Return on Investment

Unlike many suppliers, Henshaw is a privately held company without traditional bureaucracy. We designed and built the company for maximum flexibility and quick response to help you experience a much faster return on your project investment. You can be confident in the fact that we are as precise and accurate as we are agile. We get the job done right the first time.

ISO 9001


Seamless Execution

At Henshaw, our team members are trained across all areas of expertise, ensuring consistency in excellence of process and product regardless of project size. Cross area design and engineering expertise, combined with Henshaw's highly effective project management process, facilitates seamless project execution from design through installation and de-bug.

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We are sure you will find working with the Henshaw team a most resourceful and productive partnership. One that fosters an exchange of new perspectives and new thinking.

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Recent Projects & News


Henshaw now offers powered zone roller (PZR) conveyors! Our PZR conveyors allow for multiple parts to accumulate without contacting one another. They are arranged in a series of zones. Each zone is driven by an electric gearmotor. Parts are driven out of a zone only when the next zone is vacant, so parts can accumulate along the length of conveyor. Additional technical specs can be provided on request. More photos of recently completed PZR projects can bee found here!

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