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PNC: An Alternative To CNC

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The Ultimate CNC Alternative Solution

Henshaw is one of the only companies in the world that can supply customers with programmable numeric control (PNC) solutions, to replace the need for traditional computer numeric control (CNC). The PNC solution performs all of the functions of a traditional CNC, but uses the latest technology from Rockwell Automation, eliminating the need for a dedicated CNC controller. While using a Rockwell Automation ControlLogix PLC and Panelview Plus HMI, the PNC solution performs just as any CNC would, including running complete G and M code. Unlike a traditional CNC, the PNC solution is exceptionally customizable and cost effective. To view a Rockwell Automation published case study on one of our completed CNC retrofit machines, click here. Call or request a quote for more information. 

Henshaw hmi control panel allen bradley
Henshaw PNC CNC Part Tracking Graph
Henshaw PNC CNC G-Codes and M-Codes machine codes
Heshaw PNC CNC Tool Wear and Cycle Data
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