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Vision System Integration


High Performance Inspection Systems
  • Identify defects before the product reaches the end-user

  • Reduce scrap by identifying defects immediately in the manufacturing process                     

  • Lower your warranty and manufacturing costs

  • Reduce the potential for product liability

  • Determine part location

  • Accurately measure part dimensions

  • Recognize color variation

  • Identify part presence and orientation

  • Character recognition and identification


Henshaw has over 15 years of vision integration experience. We design a wide variety of high performance process control and error proofing systems for several automotive OEM plants, tier supplier facilities, foundries, injection molding operations, and more. 



Supported Product Brands:

Henshaw is a proud certified member of the AIA and we are continuously expanding our knowledge of products in the vision field. Currently we support the following vision hardware brands and more.

  • Banner

  • Cognex

  • Keyence

  • Matrox

  • Sensopart

  • IFM

  • Sick

  • Fanuc IR

  • LMI


ISO 9001


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henshaw vision pinion inspection robot cell

Quality Critical Systems


As a certified independent vision system integrator for top camera manufacturers, such as Banner, Cognex, Keyence, Fanuc IR, LMI, and Omron, Henshaw will design a system using the camera that best meets your “quality critical” objectives.


  • Part present 

  • Part dimensions

  • Part color

  • Part traceability

  • Part orientation

  • Data matrix codes, bar codes

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • Optical Character Verification (OCV)



Our Vision team can provide any level of service. From programming and debugging your existing system, to the complete custom design and build of a turnkey inspection system. Each project begins with a comprehensive feasibility study to determine your specific error proofing needs that may include some of the following:


  • Special machine vision lighting

  • Proper lens selection

  • Part fixturing requirements

  • Space requirments


Vision Systems Project Portfolio

Henshaw’s machine vision engineers have installed hundreds of cameras. The complexity of Henshaw Vision System integration projects range from single-camera systems to multi-camera systems. Here is a small sample of our system applications:


2D Matrix Reading on Torque Converter
6R Snap Ring Assembly Inspection
Adhesive Bead Inspection
Bonus Seal Assembly Inspection
Breather Cap Assembly Inspection
Cable Drum Inspection
Color Mark Identification Inspection
Connecting Rod Inspection
Control Arm Inspection
CV Joint Needle Bearing Assembly Inspection
Dial Table Inspection Station
Door Assembly Inspection
Engine Manifold Inspection
Engine Mount Inspection
Engine Wire Harness Inspection
Fastener Inspection Machine
FN Snap Ring Assembly Inspection

Front Axle Assembly Inspection
Fuel Filler Tube Assembly Inspection
Fuel Line Bead Form Inspection
Gasket Presence Inspection
Glass Primer Inspection
Latch Assembly Inspection
Main Control Assembly Inspection
Needle Bearing Inspection
O-Ring Assembly Inspection
Planetary Gear Assembly Inspection
Pump Assembly Inspection
Pump Model Identification Inspection
Seat Track Assembly Inspection Fixture
Shipping Cap Assembly Inspection
Stamping Press Inspection
Steering Column Assembly Inspection
TSS Cap Presence Inspection
Wave Spring Assembly Inspection

henshaw vision adhesive inspection

Vision System Example

The image to the left shows a mastic (adhesive bead) inspection on a sunroof frame installed at a local manufacturer.  The red areas on the part are the programmed vision sensors in the camera that are used to count the bright mastic pixels. If there is not enough or too much mastic, the HMI visually notifies the operator and displays the pass or fail images and results as shown below.

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