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GM 3 station rack indexer henshaw

Material Handling


Heavy Duty Industrial Rack Indexers


• Chain driven
• Fully automated
• Air bag lifts

• Variety of load ranges

• Custom built to customer needs


One of Henshaw's specialties is the rack indexer. The indexers to the right are three station over and under style with locating pins at the unload station for accurate rack placement for unloading. Indexers can be custom built to fit all consumer needs. Whether it's side by side, over and under, or in line indexers, Henshaw is the one stop solution. Indexers are designed, built, and tested in house. Contact us today for more information.

ISO 9001


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turn table robot cell

Turn Table Assembly Machine


• Ease of operation

• Enclosed and compact design

• Reduce cycle time

• Advance controls

• Machine diagnostics


Henshaw is the solution for one of a kind automated machinery, such as the turn table shown. This example uses high end Allen Bradley controls hardware and a robot to assemble and test an overhead light fixture for a vehicle. Henshaw was able to design one machine, capable of assembling five different overhead light fixtures. Because of this, the end customer was able to achieve maximum efficiency and eliminate the need for multiple machines for each fixture. This cost effective and space saving design also incorporates light screens, gate locks, and substantial guarding for machine safety. The operator/machine interface (HMI) is  programmed to be user friendly and provide operators with diagnostics such as cycle times, inspection results, and fault conditions. More images of this turn table can be found in the image gallery

henshaw assisted lift table

Low Profile Lift Table

The lift table shown in the image to the left is a Henshaw standard low profile lift table. Henshaw lift table utilizes a motorized ball screw with up and down user control buttons. This lift table features a low table height of only 3-3/8" and can travel up to 48" high. With a table size of 48 square inches, a wide variety of materials up to 2000 lbs can be lifted.

Specialized Conveyor and Vision Inspection Machine

Henshaw's team of engineers, designers, and fabricators can create a multitude of specialized machines. The example to the right is an inspection conveyor for a vehicle rear ring gear. This versatile conveyor was designed and programmed to work with multiple types of customer specified ring gears. A vision system was incorporated to the conveyor for part inspection and verification. As with all of Henshaw's machines, this conveyor is built to withstand constant use in a manufacturing environment.

henshaw conveyor

Ergonomic, Pneumatic Lift Tables

Henshaw's ergonomic lift tables are built for a variety of material handling applications. All pneumatic lift tables allow a less stressful work environment for operators and provide ease of use, while helping reduce the risk of work related injuries. They are capable of lifting a wide range of material sizes and weights. Standard lift tables are available for lift only, lift and rotate, and lift and tilt. Custom tables can also be made to incorporate different functions and customer needs. Contact us today to request more information about lift tables or any of Henshaw’s products and capabilities!


henshaw air lift table


henshaw air lift and rotate table


henshaw air lift and tilt table
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