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Robot System Integration 

Henshaw Inc. is a proud Fanuc Robotics authorized system integrator! As a Fanuc system integrator, Henshaw is here to help with all your companies' robot and automation needs. As one of the largest robot manufacturers in the world, Fanuc has a wide variety of robots available for any application. Whether the application requires material handling, collaborative, Fanuc IR vision, fastening, etc., we can design, build, and integrate a system with the correct robot(s) for the job.



Contact us today for more information on how Henshaw can integrate a Fanuc robot and associated system to improve quality, throughput, and productivity for a positive return on investment.

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End of Arm Tooling and Design

Henshaw not only specializes in robotic system integration, but we also can design and build custom end of arm tooling and other mechanical solutions in house. Henshaw has a dedicated mechanical design team that can design entire cells, end of arm tooling, or anything in between. We also offer robot simulation.


Fanuc iRVision

Do you have a robot application that requires integrated vision to help guide or adjust the robot path throughout the process? Fanuc iRVision 2D, 3D, and barcode technology is the plug and play solution for machine vision on Fanuc robots. To learn more about how Henshaw can integrate Fanuc iRVision into your application, please contact us today!

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