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Powered Roller Conveyors

ISO 9001


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Henshaw specializes in the design and build of custom powered zone roller conveyors


Powered zone roller conveyor (PZR) allows multiple parts to accumulate without contacting one another. PZR conveyors are arranged in a series of zones. Each zone is driven by an electric gearmotor. Parts are driven out of a zone only when the next zone is vacant, so parts can accumulate along the length of conveyor. Additional technical specs can be provided on request.

Powered Zone Roller Conveyor Turn Table

PZR Features


  • Individually driven zones control the speed and placement of each part.

  • Allows for accumulation of parts without any part-to-part contact.

  • Helps to avoid part damage with individually driven zones.

  • Does not allow parts to contact one another, eliminating pinch points.

  • Available in multiple styles, including straight, curved, with powered carts, swing gates, and removable in-line sections.

  • Can be custom designed and built to our customer’s specifications. 

Powered Zone Roller Gantry
Powered Zone Roller Gantry
Powered Zone Roller Gantry
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