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Custom Automation

ISO 9001


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Henshaw agc tugger cart

Custom Automation for Handling Parts, Racks, Carts, Bins, and Totes


• Enhance line-side parts delivery
• Store and present parts efficiently
• Improve ergonomics


Henshaw's custom automation solutions are engineered to your specifications for handling parts, racks, carts, bins, and totes. Our in-house CAD team designs and develops each solution to be efficient in function, durable in operation and uncomplicated in design. Henshaw's spacious facility allows us to fully assemble and test our systems on our own floor. This gives our customers the opportunity to see their equipment fully functional before delivery.

"Lift and Carry" Accumulation

Henshaw rack indexers utilize an exclusive "lift and carry" approach that combines simple pneumatic lifters with our powered chain conveyors. Stationary racks are raised above the conveyor while another rack is traveling. This allows us to move one rack at a time on a conveyor while maintaining high throughput. One motor will power several stations to offer efficient power use and fewer mechanical components to service.

"Roller Trac" High Load Capacity at a Low Cost

Henshaw's patented Roller Trac heavy-duty low profile roller wheel conveyor offers a superior free flow conveyance system. Its densely packed ball bearing rollers and heavy gage steel channel offers a 1,000 lbs. per inch load capacity that is unique to the industry. These compact rails can be incorporated into a wide variety of applications to carry heavy parts, bins, racks, molds and dies. They are typically sold in four-foot lengths but may be ordered to suit your needs.

Henshaw roller trac

Engineered to Your Specifications

Our in-house CAD team designs and develops each custom automation solution with all the key considerations: weight of the load, cycle time available, quantity of product to be stored, space available, and presentation of the product to a robot, human operator, or a lift assist device. We provide a variety of products that range from simple gravity driven parts conveyors to automated rack indexers, handling loads in excess of 3,000 pounds. We offer carts that interface with automation or stand alone as an alternative where fork truck traffic is not permitted. 

Built and Tested In-House

Our in-house build capabilities include fabrication, machining, painting, piping, wiring, programming, and more. All Henshaw equipment is proven and demonstrated for the customer before delivery, allowing plant personnel to become familiar with their operation.

Installed and maintained to your requirements, Henshaw provides options for the installation of its equipment. Our expert team can implement the complete on-site installation or we can be on-hand to supervise and support installation by your own team. To complete our total turnkey solution, Henshaw offers training programs to help you realize your return on investment as quickly as possible. On-site support services and a large parts inventory are available to keep your system up and operating.


Henshaw "Multi-Link" Chain Conveyors

Move loads that rollers can't move. Henshaw uses a proprietary "Multi-Link" chain conveyor system to move racks, bins, parts, and more. This provides a traveling surface that moves with the product ensuring consistent travel that roller conveyors cannot offer. It also offers a faster cycle time than systems that use reciprocating carts since there is no time lost waiting for the cart to return. Using multiple hardened alloy steel link plates in each pitch, our chain provides a generous load contact surface and will not wear grooves on the bottom of a rack. The chain slides on a hardened channel that is engineered to guarantee an exceptionally long life. "Multi-Link" chain provides a pull capacity that exceeds any chain of its size and its short pitch enables us to keep the overall height of the conveyor to a minimum. Multi-Link chain is available in multiple widths to adapt to different load requirements.

Custom Keg Embossing Machines

Our unique and customizable embossing machines effectively and safely stamp completely formed kegs with the end user's desired message, ID, or branding label. Stamping dies can be quickly changed out when necessary. Pressure and distance control assure a quality embossment. A single machine is versatile enough to batch run 1/2-barrel, 1/4-barrel, and 1/6-barrel keg sizes with just a simple and quick changeover process. Custom machines can also be ordered for different size kegs. Reduce lead times and streamline production with one of our embossing solutions. Contact us today for more information.  

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